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Are Your Vendors Real?

Vendor Master files have always been the base of the Procure to Pay process, but in today's reality of cyber-attacks and fraud, it is now getting the attention it deserves.  Whether you have no clearly defined process, a paper/electronic form or a  vendor self-registration portal, vendor setup and maintenance processes can be improved to reduce the potential for fraud in the vendor master file. Real Vendors.

  • AP System/ERP Agnostic

  • Internal Controls & Best Practices

  • Authentication Techniques

  • From Manual Process to Self-Registration Portal and Every Level in Between

  • Train Your Team in Online in 90 Minutes

  • Get the eGuide and Implement Processes Today


Online Training


A Framework for Implementing Authentication Techniques and Internal Controls to Protect the Vendor Master File from Fraud.

  • 5 Authentication techniques

  • 3 internal controls to apply to phone/email inquiries and banking changes.

  • Stop Adding Fake Vendors

  • Stop Paying the Wrong Vendor

  • Avoid Response/Recovery Efforts for Breach

  • Incl: Authentication Matrix Template


A Framework for Implementing Validations to Protect the Vendor Master File from Fraud.

  • Validations for vendor setup and maintenance to reduce the potential for fraudulent vendors or data entered into the vendor master file.

  • Stop IRS Fines for Inaccurate Vendor Data

  • Stop OFAC Fines for Paying Vendor on Watchlist

  • Stop Adding Fake Vendors

  • Incl: Vendor Validations Resource Links


A Framework for Management Processes to Protect the Vendor Master File from Fraud.

  • 14 Best Practices

  • 8 Step Process for Vendor Clean-up

  • 5 Step Process for Mergers & Acquisitions into your Vendor Master File.

  • Clean-up Vendor Master File

  • Reduce # of Active Vendors

  • Incl: Management Resource Links

  • Incl: Management Reference

Online Course Format - $99 (All 3 Courses) - 90 Minutes - Narrated Slides - 1 Year Unlimited Access.

eGuide - 3-Step Vendor Setup & Maintenance Process - $99 Immediate Download

Onsite Training - Starting at $999 (+ Travel) 4 hours Tailored to Your Company/Industry

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