Episode 17: Three Fictional Stories and a Documentary on Internal and External Fraud

Sometimes it’s not easy explaining what I do to those outside of the Accounts Payable function.  To explain it to a group of businesses owners today, I presented three fictional stories about employees that work in the Accounts Payable Function and are about to have a bad phishing or ethical day.  And I thought it would be fun to share it with you. I will then follow-up up with a true story about a Comptroller, a small town, and misuse of public funds that is in a documentary available as of this podcast date on Netflix, so if you need some entertainment while you’re inside on what for some of us will be a cold weekend, it will be good entertainment.  

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Reference Links:  

  • Documentary: “All the Queen’s Horses” Netflix http://bit.ly/2GfSjmR  

  • Vendor Validation Reference List:  www.debrarrichardson.com - Scroll to footer. 

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