Episode 17: Three Fictional Stories and a Documentary on Internal and External Fraud

Sometimes it’s not easy explaining what I do to those outside of the Accounts Payable function.  To explain it to a group of businesses owners today, I presented three fictional stories about employees that work in the Accounts Payable Function and are about to have a bad phishing or ethical day.  And I thought it would be fun to share it with you. I will then follow-up up with a true story about a Comptroller, a small town, and misuse of public funds that is in a documentary available as of this podcast date on Netflix, so if you need some entertainment while you’re inside on what for some of us will be a cold weekend, it will be good entertainment.  

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Debra R. Richardson,


Debra is an accounts payable speaker, consultant, and trainer with over 20 years of experience in AP, AR, general ledger, and financial reporting for Fortune 500 companies including Verizon, General Motors and Aramark.

For the past eight years, Debra has focused on Global Vendor Maintenance, and implemented a vendor self-registration portal for 140k+ global vendors across five Accounting Systems/ERPs. In her consultancy, she focuses on internal controls and authentication to prevent fraud in the vendor master file.