Episode 12: What Role Can P-Cards Play to Avoid Fraud in Your Vendor Master File

Today’s podcast is inspired by my blog post “Why You May Need a Manual Vendor Process with Your Vendor Portal” published Thursday, January 3, 2019 at debrarrichardson.com.  While a manual process may be unavoidable in certain scenarios, my guest today Lynn Larson will talk about P-Cards and if they can be an alternative to setting up vendors in the Vendor Master File, avoiding the manual vendor process.   

  • What are P-Cards?

  • How are P-Cards Processed?

  • Can the use of P-Cards reduce the volume of 1099s issued?

And more….


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  • Blog Post: “Why You May Need a Manual Vendor Process with Your Vendor Portal” http://bit.ly/2rZ4H1n

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  • Recharged EducationLynn Larson:  Recharged Education focuses on Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) and other Commercial Cards, offering training, consulting and educational resources. Commercial Card. www.recharged-education.com

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