Episode 12: What Role Can P-Cards Play to Avoid Fraud in Your Vendor Master File

Today’s podcast is inspired by my blog post “Why You May Need a Manual Vendor Process with Your Vendor Portal” published Thursday, January 3, 2019 at debrarrichardson.com.  While a manual process may be unavoidable in certain scenarios, my guest today Lynn Larson will talk about P-Cards and if they can be an alternative to setting up vendors in the Vendor Master File, avoiding the manual vendor process.   

  • What are P-Cards?

  • How are P-Cards Processed?

  • Can the use of P-Cards reduce the volume of 1099s issued?

And more….


Vendor Setup & Maintenance Additional Resources: 

  • Blog Post: “Why You May Need a Manual Vendor Process with Your Vendor Portal” http://bit.ly/2rZ4H1n

  • NAPCP –  The NAPCP is a membership-based professional association committed to advancing Commercial Card and Payment professionals and industry practices worldwide  https://www.napcp.org/

  • Recharged EducationLynn Larson:  Recharged Education focuses on Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) and other Commercial Cards, offering training, consulting and educational resources. Commercial Card. www.recharged-education.com

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Debra R. Richardson,


Debra is an accounts payable speaker, consultant, and trainer with over 20 years of experience in AP, AR, general ledger, and financial reporting for Fortune 500 companies including Verizon, General Motors and Aramark.

For the past eight years, Debra has focused on Global Vendor Maintenance, and implemented a vendor self-registration portal for 140k+ global vendors across five Accounting Systems/ERPs. In her consultancy, she focuses on internal controls and authentication to prevent fraud in the vendor master file.