Episode 14: 2 Ways to Partner with Systems/IT to Protect Sensitive Vendor Data from Non-Vendor Maintenance Employees

In my blog post titled “2 Processes You Can Implement Today To Protect Sensitive Vendor Data from Non-Vendor Maintenance Employees” published Thursday, January 17, 2019, I described how Secure Print and Desk Audits can help protect the vendor master file from fraud by keeping sensitive vendor data secure. 

Today’s podcast will include two extra ways to protect your vendor sensitive data that involve the IT team. You will want to listen to the end where I describe my experience with Non-Vendor Maintenance employees collecting vendor supporting documentation to submit to Vendor Maintenance.  What do you think those employees are doing with the documents after they submit to Vendor Maintenance?  Hint, they are not safely disposing of that data.  

Don’t miss out a chance to win a “Putting the AP in hAPpy” coffee mug at the end of the show. 

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