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Vendor Master File Consulting Services

5 Day Vendor Master File Clean-Up

This is the time of the year to clean-up your vendor master file in time for IRS 1099 and 1042 distribution and tax filing.

  • Less than 5,000 Vendors

  • IRS Tin Check

  • Social Security Death Master File Check

  • OFAC/SDN List + 24 Other Validations

  • Duplicate Vendors Reviewed

  • Addresses Standardized

  • Secure Data Transfer

  • Free Consultation


Vendor Setup & Maintenance Process Design

No time to train staff? This is an alternative to the Vendor Master File training and courses. Will customize based on company and industry. Includes recommendations for automation software and projects to gain efficiency and reduce the potential for fraud in the vendor master file.

  • 5 Day Turnaround

  • Free Consultation


Registration Portal for Vendor Setup & Maintenance

Work with your project team to implement a vendor portal that automates the vendor onboarding and maintenance process to reduce the potential for fraud in the vendor master file.

  • Work as part of the project team or Advisement Only

  • Minimum hours Per Project: 40

  • Free Consultation

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Consulting Services for Vendor Setup & Maintenance

Let’s discuss how I can help.

Free Consultation to determine need.

Minimum hours: 5

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