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I help companies revitalize their Accounts Payable processes to protect against regulatory fines as well as implement protection for today's cybercriminals. I also teach management teams how to monitor employee activities to prevent occupational fraud and other unnecessary expenditures.

5 Day Vendor Master File Clean-Up

Anytime is the time of the year to clean-up your vendor master file. Reduce fines and penalties resulting from inaccurate Legal Name and Tax ID from IRS 1099 and 1042 forms and tax filing. Ensure all check payments and tax forms are not returned due to wrong address formats. Ensure your vendors are real.

  • Less than 5,000 Vendors

  • IRS Tin Check

  • Social Security Death Master File Check

  • OFAC/SDN List + 24 Other Validations

  • Duplicate Vendors Reviewed

  • Addresses Standardized

  • Secure Data Transfer

  • Free Consultation


Vendor Setup & Maintenance Process


Revitalize your Vendor Maintenance processes to protect your company against regulatory fines and prepare your team for today’s cybercriminals.  Implement internal controls and best practices to prevent occupational fraud and other unnecessary expenditures.

Authentication. Validation. Management.

  • Desktop Procedures

  • Customized Process

  • Authentication Matrix

  • Vendor Validation Reference List

  • eGuide - 3 Step Vendor Setup & Maintenance Process

  • Online or Onsite Team Training (Travel Expenses not included)

  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing / Training

  • Free Consultation


Vendor setup & maintenance

Registration Portal for Vendor Setup & Maintenance

Work with your project team to implement a vendor portal that automates the vendor onboarding and maintenance process to reduce the potential for fraud in the vendor master file.

  • Work as part of the project team or Advisement Only

  • Free Consultation

Fraud risk

Fraud risk

Annual Fraud Risk Assessment

Proactively review and outline your level of fraud risk at the process-level so you can see exactly where there are opportunities for loss.

  • Recommendations to Implement Preventative and Detective Controls

  • Recommendations to Implement Best Practices & Authentication Techniques

  • Includes ACFE Fraud Prevention Checkup in 90 Days

  • Evaluation Report

  • Conducted by a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

  • Free Consultation

Fraud Prevention Checkup

ACFE Fraud Prevention Checkup

Evaluate your Fraud Risk Management Program

  • Approximately 1 Hour

  • Evaluation Report and Recommended Solutions

  • Review with Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

  • Free Consultation

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Consulting / Coaching Services

  • Vendor Setup & Maintenance

  • Fraud Risk Managment

  • Free Consultation

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