Charity Fraud - Verify Before You Give

This week is Charity Fraud Awareness Week and the Fraud Advisory Panel has been spreading the hashtag #charityfraudout across social media to bring awareness to charity fraud.

On October 10th, The FTC published on their site that they received reports of fake charities taking advantage of the devastation that Hurricane Florence caused in North and South Carolina.

With Hurricane Michael and the upcoming Giving Tuesday on November 27th, it’s a great time to learn how to protect yourself and your business from charity fraud.

Verify before you give.

Below is a video and graphic provided by the FTC Consumer Information site and there are resources from the Fraud Advisory Panel and the IRS to help you verify before you give. I have added the links below.

Want to know how to provide the vendor master file from charity fraud? Listen to the Putting the AP in hAPpy Podcast - Episode 3: Fake Charities: How to Protect Your Vendor Master File from Fraud.

Vendor Setup & Maintenance Additional Resources: